FINVÅG located in the uttermost part of VESTERÅLEN.

It moves you, the meeting with the Great Sea, the Great Skrei and the Great People. You never forget, you’d rather stay a little longer and you can not smell the sea, smoked whale meat and whipped cream on the beach side. You may know your longest days in life when you fall into the bunk and you sleep because you sleep here. A small crack in the nest floor and the reflection in the midnight sun penetrates with a light strip between the floorboards. It’s a little wedge to a tired body full of impressions, inspiration and good food. Then you go to Unni and Asle Sørdahl for a few days, and to the place that has got the name of the property, Finvåg. It makes it hard to go there. That’s what we’ve all felt sometimes and now you know where to find it again.


means – the nice wave lies on Nærøya and is a natural place to seek shelter with boat and crew, catch and gear. That’s how it has been in man’s memory, and Unni and Asle hosts the island and the isles around perhaps better than most, after more than 25 years of restoration, cooking and satisfied guests. The first thing to do is climb the island, a 20 minute walk past trout water, clear traces of moose, sound of stag and reed birds, pick with you a stone to repair the varden, and up there you see the Great Sea and Midnight Sun. Outside there is the world’s largest cod-tree, each winter contributing to the livelihood of hundreds of fishermen, as many fishermen on land, who ship to the world, perhaps the world’s best raw for hungry and sucked palates at some of the best eateries in the universe. With the catch of whales, seals, ice-cows, sei, catfish, salmon, kale buns, crabs, aure, cormorants and big birds, moose and wild berries like multer, blueberries and cranberries, only raspberry and rhubarb from their own garden are to be added. And when all this is tasted and the best vineyards in Italy, France and Spain make their way, the Arctic meal is completely unforgettable. How about home-made flatbread with a little sour cream and aioli, a fist of smoked and delicate strips of whales, the actual taste of unforgettable meals, and a great start to days at the Great Sea for both taste buds, hearts and heads.

Unni og Asle Sørdahl

Unni and Asle Sørdahl both born and raised in Vesterålen, met in Oslo as students, currently work in the field of nursing and physiotherapist. Finvåg is a family project and a result of the desire to take care of, process and include. For more than 25 years, Finvåg and the buildings have been restored and deceived, each of which has its own little history, and was originally a schoolyard and farmhouse from the 1860s. The knowledge and stories from the hard days are impressive and the hosts are good storytellers, engaged in protection and development, and not just their own tufts. They know every island, every house and certainly every boat as well. The coastal culture in Vesterålen is perhaps our most important era, the stage is one of our most important export goods and once also a full payment method. Captors and farmers, multipliers and traders emphasized the culture and life the people lived.

The Arctic Cuisine

get an opinion at Unni and Asle, and while they are skilled cooks both, they gladly bring outside cooks to their kitchen in Finvåg. However, the menu determines completely and completely. The recipes usually share the same with catching, hunting and picking. The islands and the ocean provide us with fresh whales, gladly smoked – served on flatbread, with a little sour cream, aioli and golden cloves. Lines for halibut, crab fish and shrimp fish are the activities that provide us with starters and main courses, and are often combined with self-produced dried fish and rockfish, self-propelled ripe, reed birds and moose. Rhubarb soup with strawberries and ripstones with wild currants or cranberries is the host’s invitation to all of us to have an extra midnight sun – one more night, just to top a kitchen that has really been given a new spring. No Norwegian cookbook with respect for oneself comes outside of this cafeteria which deserves all the stars the summer night gives us. Fortunately, the nights are long in Vesterålen and the stories are many. The same is the game song and the song. It is noted that salvation takes hold of us, here in the fine wave with the great people, all the way out of the Great Sea.

The activities

is catching and fishing, food and wine, storytelling and fast boats. Do we take with the Arctic version of the spa and the song as a tribute to Northern Norway, the Skreien and a white Burgundy, we all understand that the play and the seriousness of Unni and Asle are genuine and original. No one draws there without a tear in the eyelash. Thank you all for unforgettable days. We will be back soon.

Mvh all of us in Håndplukket SA




Course, Team Building and Representation – We tailor up personal packages for up to 20 participants The Arctic Kitchen – Capture, prepare and present from the mother’s kitchen or the culinary Food & Wine – 25 years of search for the ultimate combination of some of the world’s best ingredients

Arctic Spa – seawater pool, steam bath and sea bath – just jump in it



Hunting & Fishing – birds and animals, skrei, halibut, crab and barns

Rib – out on the big ocean, bird mountain and sky highs in the same boat used by the military History narrative and cultural dissemination – the anecdotes are many, facts as well

Midnight sun – in Finvåg we have this amazing phenomenon from 20th of May to 20th of July Trips – in easy and demanding terrain – magnificent views to the ocean and the islands around Kayaking – paddling in warm and quiet waters, stroking along steep mountains and over white sandbanks

Bird watching – There are about 400 species in the area. The red bones come here to nest the drizzle of Antarctica – thus the bird is the longest bird in the world

Nordlands båt – we have three different boats – sailing and / or tranquility and fishing with yarn, line or cheat

Coastal heritage – our area has a significant history of fishing and catching, housing and cultural heritage

The gallery – we have three complete graphic collections of the famous Norwegian artist Jarle Rosseland – Vinland, Snorre and Arctic seasons. The pictures are for sale.



  • We have several meeting rooms, on the barn, in the school room and in the boathouse
  • We have 8 double rooms and 3 single rooms – we can accommodate a total of 25 guests
  • Only one group at a time Snorre stua is our largest meeting room and has been named after the art collection hanging in the room.
  • The big meeting room is located on the top of the barn with a great view over the Finvågen


  • We arrange transfers from / to the airports and usually pick up the group in Sortland
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