Where everything you eat, and drink comes from the mountains.


Greetings from the mountains, these are the first words in hostess Jorid`s favorite poem, she welcomes her guests with a poem before every dinner seating. Poetry is something she loves to share with her visitors here at Vauldalen. Here on the border to Sweden lies Vauldalen Fjellhotell, a family business owned and run by Jorid and Ole Peder Skott Svendsen. But every single one working here will be your dedicated host during your time with them. And it feels that way during a stay here, they have a very personal, charming and honest approach with every guest that enters the doors. And the many good advice Jorid got from her father she teaches her staff and his philosophy lives on. “The guests are not just numbers on a list, they are our guests and we welcome them all the same way.” This is a family business, but everybody that works here is part of the family.

Vauldalen Mountain hotel

It all started at Vauldalen Farm in 1780, this was during the peak of Røros Coppermine`s time and the farm was a much visited pit stop by people transporting goods between Sweden and Norway. It was a place for rest, food and warmth for both people and horses. Back in the days over 3000 horses worked for the copper mines, and every horse had his driver and with the mining industry followed the transport of, goods, food, beer, music, stories and culture, something Vauldalen Mountain hotel is trying to take with them from the past to present and into the future. Here every guests need is catered to from start until end, from weddings to baptisms, meetings to birthdays every event gets a customized frame. And there are different venues that can house small groups and big ones.


A building in timber and stone in the forest, the stone taken from Jorid`s side of the mountains and the timber from Ole Peder`s area in Femunden. With no electricity and a big fire and 150 candles welcoming you the atmosphere in this building is very special. Here they serve mountain fish and reindeer meat and a wonderful mountain berry soup for dessert, while a musician plays some good tones in the background. This is the perfect ending to any day, Ole Peder`s horses bring you back and forth to the hotel, that sleighride is an experience worthwhile in itself.



Older than the oldest mine in Røros this farm has been a part of the Skott family since mid-1600`s, here the stories are many and they are gladly shared with you. This place lies 8 km from the hotel towards Røros and it is a very charming and inviting place, with old family heirlooms and treasures in every room. Here you will get served traditional dishes on the finest china and drink homemade beer out of crystal glasses while listening to traditional music and storytelling. After a long day you can sleep in one of the uniquely decorated rooms and enjoy a local and delicious breakfast in the morning. Welcome home!

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