Ramsvig is an old lovely trading post. Its history goes back to 1778. Then King Christian the VII of Denmark-Norway gave Ramsvig the Kings Privileges in a Chart, allowing Ramsvig to brew its own beer and sell liquor from Stavanger. Ramsvig is situated on the island Kyrkjøy, Church-Island, which is one of seven islands called Sjernarøyane. Traces of settlement back 6000 years are well known. The local church from 1630 is still in use and worth a visit. During the 16th century Ramsvig became the regional center of trade. The export of oak-lumber in large scale to Scotland, England and Holland made building parts of London and Amsterdam possible. The exportation of delicious local lobster was extraordinary for the British upper class! Last century Ramsvig became the main dock for the local boats sailing further into the fjord-county, Ryfylke. The post office was established here and so was the bakery. In 2003 Ramsvig was reopened by Mette and Jostein Soland as a conference center for boards and business groups in the region of Stavanger. Three old buildings had then been restored and three new set up to its purpose. Now there are 15 double rooms, two meeting rooms, a dining room with an open kitchen in the old bakery, a library and a modern art gallery. Since 2009 we have had the same chef from Island. Our food is all local, as come to fish or meat. We love to prepare for small groups and tell the story of the raw materials and the way it has been prepared. In 2015 Ramsvig was honored with the “Olavsrosen”, the highest reward given by The Norwegian Heritage Foundation.

Very welcome to Ramsvig!

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